Monday, March 19, 2007

The News Never Stops

It's getting to the point that I don't even know where to begin with these posts. If you've been paying attention to Madonna of the Toast happenings, then you should know that tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, I will be reading at KGB here in New York. The reading begins at 7:30. Next week, I'm off to Nashville to help celebrate Bongo Java's birthday on March 28. This is the cafe where the Nun Bun used to reside.

And speaking of the Nun Bun, here it is catching some rays with a Jesus impersonator! In the book, I examine the Nun Bun story, as it is one of the more compelling tales of religion and theft. No one has heard about the Nun Bun in a while, but a new ransom note, which was sent to Nashville's The Tennessean, shows that the Nun Bun, or at least the myth of the Nun Bun, is alive, well and ongoing. Seems like its captor is getting a bit cocky, or at least tanned.

When a cinnamon roll can garner such attention, be robbed and shuttled around the country, it makes you think, many, many thoughts. These events mean as much as they obscure, and I think that's the point, or at least why such stories get covered EVERYWHERE, even in hip places like Boing Boing.

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