Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It Came From Above

In the Madonna of the Toast epilogue, trying to sum up all of these visual manifestations and their stories, I wrote: “It doesn’t matter if you grew up with a religion or an always turned-on television, the iconography of both cultures has a roaming ability to effect all of us as they coexist and commingle, and that’s what this book samples. There are countless more examples of these phenomena out there in the world, and plenty more are destined to crackle through a fried egg or splatter in a plop of bird droppings.”

Well, I haven’t found an egg that resembles a famous face, yet, but here is a Jesus bird dropping.

Reported by MySA.com late last week, this divine doo-doo was discovered by 78-year-old Toney Guerrero, on the driver’s side window of his Mercury Grand Marquis. A resident of Floresville, Texas, Guerrero “hasn’t always had a strong walk in faith” though he spotted the face as soon as he noticed the bird dropping. The splatter conjures tears as he points out the hair, eyes and nose, the darker patches in the otherwise white blotch.

Now the car is covered up so rain won’t wash the face away. Guerrero still needs to process his discovery, but he says, “Jesus is right there. You can get whatever you want from that.”

He's right . . .

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