Friday, October 26, 2007

From Dust to Dusting to Jesus

This is the towel that Lucille Lopez used to clean her air conditioner. According to this recent KTRK ABC 13 report, the Houston, Texas, woman believes the stain to be the face of Jesus. After using the towel on the air conditioner, “Lucille washed it. And bleached it. Twice. And then her granddaughter used the towel.” It was then that the face was first noticed. The towel is now installed in Lopez’s prayer room where it can be found among all matter of religious memorabilia like crosses, paintings, angels and candles. Unlike all of those, however, in Lopez’s mind this towel is a gift directly from God. In her words: "I say it's a miracle, a big miracle . . . He's showing that he sees us. That he's looking at us."

If that’s the case, I wonder what God thinks about when he sees the auction down in New Zealand for the Virgin Mary pebble. As of this posting, the current bid stands at $31,700.50, with over 70,000 people having visited the website.

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