Friday, February 8, 2008

Some Friday Fun

As you can imagine, people like to share their own stories and experiences of pareidolia, emailing me a “Did you read about this one?” message and a link. I figured that since it’s Friday, and because many people like to have a bit of fun on Fridays, I’d share this visual treat with you. Thanks, Ximena!

Follow the directions and see what happens.(Sorry that a bit of the text is lost; I didn't want to shrink the image too much and make it hard to read.) Leave a comment and tell me what you see . . .


Since I’m keeping it light today, I also offer you this funny story about Ron Paul tortillas in the American Southwest, from, which claims that these visual manifestations are “now the most popular throughout the Southwest, even surpassing that of the Virgin Mary.” Unfortunately, they didn’t spoof an image of said tortillas, but the story is worth a read, especially since the US Presidential Election is lathering some voters up into states akin to proselytizing fervor.

Have a good weekend!

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