Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jesus Spoon

In Hardin, Kentucky, JW Davis’s daughter pulled this spoon out of the dishwasher where she works and brought it home. She had noticed the face of Jesus, and her dad saw it, too. Now the spoon is on eBay. Ninety bids have escalated the price to over $600 (as of Saturday afternoon).

Davis has been very active on eBay, posting links to news stories about the spoon and directing potential bidders to sites that contain better photographs of the spoon (“It was very hard to photograph because the image almost appears in 3D.”). Davis has also sweetened the deal: the winner of this auction receives the spoon specially encased, along with photographs and media memorabilia like newspaper clippings.

According to this 9 News report, Davis said: “I'm just hoping that if I get rid of it, it's a blessing to somebody because of the image that's on it." Davis also expressed his hope that ultimately the spoon would be on display for public viewing.

With all of the iconic foodstuffs surfacing these days, I guess it only makes sense that famous flatware would follow.

No word about what Davis’s daughter’s boss has to say about her taking the spoon.

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