Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's Regional, Not Religious

Yup, that's Elvis on toast. It's not a new sighting, which goes to show you that these sightings happen all the time, and have always happened. Now, if you've been keeping up with me here, these occurrences come as no great surprise. You know what pareidolia is, you know about Madonna of the Toast and you may even know that the book includes a story about Elvis on a receipt.

While the book may be the first of its kind, this blog isn't the first one to report news of strange sightings. Because of that, I'm always amazed by how quickly conventional media outlets pick up on these stories, which, by the way, all lead back to Diana Duyser. Such is the case with this article from the Daily Herald in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The writer is responding to all of the attention the Mayor Donald Stephens sycamore tree has been getting.(Read my last post to learn more.) CNN picked it up from the Associated Press and apparently so many people have traveled to see the face, a barrier has been built to protect the tree.

I'm still not prepared to say that technology influences these sightings, but it certainly informs us about them in mere moments. The more important issue is why does interest in such stories never diminish?

Something else I like about this article from Illinois, is how the writer mentions other religious sightings from the greater Chicago area. If you've really been paying attention, you know that I have been keeping tabs on where these sightings take place. Soon, I will run a tally. The front runners include Texas and Ohio, but it seems like Illinois may be in the running. Just check out the Virgin Mary turtle above and the Virgin Mary roadside stain below.

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Cynthia Batty said...

The virgin on the turtle made me laugh out loud - thank you Buzz!