Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't Mind the Seeds

Another California tale from an Arizona resident, fresh like this watermelon Virgin of Guadalupe. More abstract even than the Jesus driftwood from my last post, this sighting is all about the shape. No matter what you may, or may not, see, it really doesn’t matter because Mary Lou Robles noticed this holy form as soon as she split open the melon. That’s how Mary’s daughter Crystal sees it, too: “It's unexplainable but sometimes God does miracles and maybe it brought her a visual of the watermelon so she can realize she's a great woman and somebody else is watching over her. . . . As long as she sees it and as long as she knows that it’s a thank you.”

Apparently, the watermelon, reported yesterday by First Coast News, is already more than 10 days old, with no sign of rotting.

Interesting about this also is the fact that Robles works in the Calipatria State Prison snack bar. She was getting ready to cube the watermelon so it could be served. Her co-workers told her to throw it out.

Only in California would inmates get fresh fruit.

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