Monday, July 16, 2007

Rock 'N Elvis

That woman in mid-leap is LaDell Alexander, at her summer home in Estes Park, Colorado. She’s jumping for joy because the stone in the foreground of the photograph bears the likeness of Elvis Presley’s face. The famous face revealed itself to Alexander as she rinsed off this 23-pound piece of granite after her and her husband Lynn had hauled it out of a river and to their house. As reported by the Rocky Mountain News, “Scrubbing away at the grime covering one of the rocks, she found something that left her all shook up.”

The stone’s shading certainly delineates a dark patch that resembles Elvis’s legendary head of hair, and while seven out of ten people see The King, others have spotted George Washington, or “a French aristocrat with sideburns, like Louis XV.”

The Alexanders are banking on some deep-pocketed eBay bidder to see Elvis, however, as the stone will be put up for auction on August 10, six days prior to the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s death.

The Alexanders hope their igneous rock can fetch a sum somewhere in the ballpark of Diana Duyser's Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese. While there certainly are some zealous Elvis fans out there, I wonder how many of them would fork over $28,000? The good news is, we’ll know soon enough, and no matter how much the rock sells for, the money will go to one of Presley’s charities.

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