Thursday, July 5, 2007

Church is a Form of Theater, Right?

The Church of the Divine Spirit in Texas, has been preparing to close its doors because the owner, George, is moving to Mexico. According to Archbishop Tom Andrews, however, the face of Jesus appeared suddenly on the altar. As reported by KGBT 4, after a service, a parishioner insisted on showing something to Andrews, this face (indecipherable as it may be). Andrews knows that the face has not been present for long, so he takes it as a sign not to close the church.

In other Jesus-face news, I read this blurb about Luke Yankee’s play “The Jesus Hickey.” Yup, pareidolia has gone to the theater. Or is it theatre? This play has won the first ever Joel and Phyllis Ehrlich Award for portraying “the comic religious frenzy that transpires when a young woman is seen with a hickey on her neck evoking the face of Jesus.”

Maybe Yankee can stage a performance of his play at the Church of the Divine Spirit and keep the doors open and the pews full . . .

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