Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't Let the Cat Lick That Spot

Florida residents Laquan Joyner and her husband Theo Grimes have been praying for a sign from God, according to this KARE 11 report. They believe their prayers were answered in the form of this stain, located next to bottles of shampoo in their shower. They both believe this to be an image of Jesus and for that reason, “they will never clean the spot and they now treat the shower like a shrine.” Looks to me like the stain might be a result of having never cleaned that spot in the first place.

I doubt we’ll ever see a better visual manifestation of a religious or secular icon in a shower than the V.I. Lenin shower curtain included in Madonna of the Toast.

And in case a dirty shower is not an image that you want to carry around with you this weekend, how about some kitten cuteness? According to this CBS 4 report, and supported by those trendsetters over at, a litter of 6 cats born in Sacramento, California, included this little guy with the message “I Love Dot” (I [heart] [dot]) in its hair. The family that owns the cat claims that mom’s name is Dottie, so “the message of love is clearly for her.”

All together now: Aaaawwwwwww . . .


jasmine said...

The visuals are really good and .Visuals give some message to the whole world and cat should not lick that spot.



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