Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Beatific Bank

Just before Easter, Ann Stromile's niece discovered this face of Jesus. From across a rural road in Plain Dealing, Louisiana, sunken into the bank, it looks back at Stromile's home. Reported last week by KTBS in Shreveport, it's worth checking out the video. At 75, Stromile serves as witness to this sign from God. Two rainstorms have come and gone, but the image in the red-clay bank remains unchanged.

The face looks out from underneath the base of three pine trees. Notice the beard of needles. The eyes and nose are apparent, but it is really the fallen needles that suggest Jesus, though the roots gnarl into Christ's Crown of Thorns.

There have been some visitors, maybe more since this news broadcast, though it is clear that the visual presence bolsters Stromile's faith. She may just be sitting out on her porch at this very moment, the pine trees rustling in the night breeze.

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