Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where Technology and Religion Meet

Or have a near miss, it's hard to say. According to, last week Brian Martin did a Google-map search for Mt. Sinai, and discovered this cloud over the holy mountain's location. This Jesus sighting has a few catches, however. First: the actual location of the peak from which Moses brought down the Ten Commandments remains a mystery, and may or may not be the physical Mt. Sinai in Egypt. Second: the YouTube video, the story's original source, has been removed. Third: upon some Google mapping over Egypt and Israel, I didn't find any clouds in any of the images.

Why post this, then? Well, I can't "prove" any of these manifestations that I report. I'm just relaying the stories, and adding my two cents every now and then. So, it is very possible that Martin did indeed come across this image of a Jesus cloud over some part of the Middle East where someone believes Mt. Sinai once stood. That's another part of this story that I like: Martin sees the whole body of Jesus, not just His face. He sees the head, shoulders, belt around His robe and legs. The cloud on the left does possess a human form, like a men's room sign, or a Lego figure.

The Jesus association must stem from the fact that Martin had Bible stories on his mind.

And, if you've been paying any attention to this blog, you know that I have a soft-spot for these occurrences that rely on technology, like the Star of David in oatmeal. Thanks to satellite imaging, we can see most any part of the globe from the comfort of home, at times in amazing detail. It makes sense that these innovations would reveal holy icons to certain people, as it seems more and more apparent to me that we cull more and more understanding of the world around us from technology, whether it is the Internet, television or airplane. Such developments shrink the world, and suggest that we can capture anything, even if it is as difficult to grasp as faith, or a cloud.

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